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Awesome Edgar Allen Poe Statue To Be Unveiled In Boston This Fall


You’re looking at artist Stefanie Rocknak’s clay model for the final design of her life-size Edgar Allen Poe statue that will be unveiled on October 5, 2014 at 2 pm in Boston. The statue will go up on the corner of Boylston Street and Charles Street South, which is often referred to as “Edgar Allan Poe Square.”

Rocknak’s design was the winner out of a pool of 265 other artists (from 42 states and 13 countries) who applied to create the statue.

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Here’s what Rocknak had to say about her statue concept (from Poe Boston):

I propose to cast a life-size figure of Poe in bronze. Just off the train, the figure would be walking south towards his place of birth, where his mother and father once lived. Poe, with a trunk full of ideas—and worldwide success—is finally coming home. His expression is complex. He is determined and his stride is decisive. His face reflects a mixture of pain, anger and sadness, and from some angles, a subtle sense of hope. As he walks towards Carver Street, he openly dismisses what is behind him with his left hand; the Frogpondians to the north. Boston is not claiming Poe, Poe is claiming Boston. To punctuate this, he leaves a literal paper trail behind him. He has not only left his mark on the world, he has left it on the city of his birth. His ideas are jumping off the page and cascading out of his trunk; a heart lies just behind him, and an oversized Raven explodes to the south. The Raven, which has become symbolic of Poe’s brooding creative spirit, visually reflects Poe; his coat mimics the raven’s wing, and, like a bird, Poe is slightly pigeon-toed. They are one, heading up-wind towards their final resting place.


poe statue back

(My Modern Met via io9)


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