Save 50% On A 2-Year Subscription To Blur Mobile Security [Deals]


Blur brings you the ultimate online privacy solution by allowing you to create temporary, masked email addresses, credit card numbers, and phone numbers so you’ll never have to give your personal data to online merchants again. Also a password manager for desktop and mobile devices, Blur is a powerful, full-service information protector.

For a limited time, a 2-year subscription to Blur is only $29 (50% off) in our Nerd Approved Deals Store! Features include:

-Create disposable email addresses
-Make limited-balance, limited-duration credit card numbers (accepted anywhere credit cards are)
-Create a masked phone number that forwards calls & texts to your real phone number
-Auto-fill your real encrypted credit card, billing & address info
-Create, save, encrypt & organize your passwords
-Keep companies from collecting your personal data
-Utilize all features on the Android &iOS apps

Blur Premium Mobile: 2-Yr Subscription ($59 $29)


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