Boy Uses Video Game Skills to Save The Day After His Grandmother Passes Out At The Wheel


A 74-year-old great grandmother was driving her 10-year-old great grandson, Gryffin, and his four-year-old brother when she passed out mid-sentence. The car was cruising along steadily at 60 mph, and was heading towards oncoming traffic.

That’s when Gryffin sprung into action.

“I tried to wake her up at first,” Gryffin said. “Then, I just took the wheel and drove it into the ditch.”

The car slowed down in said ditch, and both he and his younger brother were not harmed. Gryffin said that this was not the first time he’s ever driven–he said he had plenty of driving experience from playing Mario Kart.

Good job, Gryffin! Keep playing those video games and remember to save those red shells!

(via Geekologie)


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