Save 23% On The ChargeLight Flashlight And Charger [Deals]


Meet the mini flashlight that does double duty as a portable charger. The ChargeLight Flashlight And Charger is on sale for $37.99 (23% off with free shipping) for a limited time in our Nerd Approved Deals Store!

ChargeLight packs a colossal 250 lumens of power—yes, that’s twice as much power as your average flashlight. When you’re not busy navigating through the night or tweaking dark corners of your media center, ChargeLight and its accompanying dock will conveniently charge up your phone or other USB devices. Multipurpose and stylish, this high-tech gadget shows that a flashlight can be so much more than just a camping accessory.

-Choose between five modes to emit light at specific intensities
-Clearly illuminate anything you point at w/ the wide-angle lens
-Take advantage of the light & durable design crafted from aircraft grade aluminum
-Use the professional-grade LED for an extra long run time per charge
-Ensure optimal safety w/ the Samsung lithium battery’s firewalls & internal processor
-Swiftly charge devices two times faster than w/ most leading smartphone chargers
-Also available in silver!

ChargeLight Flashlight & Charger ($50 $37.99 / Free Shipping)


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