Doctor Who Fan With Terminal Brain Cancer Seeking TARDIS Urn For His Ashes

Only a short time after their marriage, Kevin “Wash” Pratt and Tashi King received the tragic news that now 27-year old Wash had an aggressive form of brain cancer that kills more than 95% of its victims within 9-12 months. Although he beat the odds and carried on for 28 months, his condition has taken a turn for the worse and he his now in hospice care. Tashi describes her husband as “one of the biggest geeks/Browncoat/Sci-Fi lovers I have ever had the privilege to know”, and sent a letter to Regretsy seeking to carry out his final wish: to have a portion of his ashes kept in a TARDIS urn.

In reply, Regretsy’s Helen Killer offered to pay for the urn out of the Regretsy fund, and she is now seeking an artist to carry out the work:

I am putting out the call for an artist – either a sculptor or a ceramicist – to handle this very special piece. Please pass this on to anyone you know who may be a good fit for this project. This is not a freebie. The urn will be a gift from the Regretsy fund, and we will cover the costs. I am requesting a quick turnaround, so please consider this if your process is lengthy. Please email me with ideas, sketches, photos and a link to your store or portfolio. I will forward submissions to the couple, and let them choose. Thank you!

A donation site has also been set up to help cover “rent, general expenses, end-of-life care, medical bills, and memorial costs.”

Please help if you can.

(Wash&Tashi via TDW)


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