Donald Glover Is Bringing A Deadpool Animated Series For Adults To FXX

I’ll tell you what—there is a lot to like about this announcement. For one thing, we’re getting more Deadpool. Plus, this is an animated show for adults on the same network that gave us Archer. Finally, it’s in very good hands with Donald Glover and his brother Stephen behind the wheel.

Donald Glover, of course, is the man behind the brilliant show Atlanta and the actor set to take over the role of Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo movie. THR reports that a writers’ room for the animated series has already been set up in London, where Glover is currently filming the Star Wars spinoff.

So, the big question at this point is who will play Deadpool? I feel like Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t scoff at doing it, but if that didn’t happen, Glover himself seems like a great fit.


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