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Drakengard 3: Carnage Has Never Looked So Beautiful [Sponsored]

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In ancient days, six beautiful sisters descended upon the world and used their powers of song to usher in an age of peace. These sisters came to be worshiped as “Intoners,” each ruling over a piece of the world. But the day has come when that peace will be shattered, as the eldest sister, Zero, sets out on a quest to murder each of her younger siblings.

This is the set-up for Drakengard 3, a prequel to Drakengard and Drakengard 2 originally released on the PlayStation 2. It’s features a dark storyline for mature audiences (with plenty of dark humor) that explains how this fantasy world began. It allows any newcomer to join in the mayhem in the shoes of Zero, an anti-hero with a grudge against the world.


This includes Zero’s dragon companion, Mikhail, who accompanies her despite her foul mood and temper. Using Mikhail’s powers, Zero can rain carnage down from above, wreathing her foes in dragon fire or chasing down her sisters on Mikhail’s back, weaving through cityscapes and skies.

A dark story of murder and bloodshed, players come to understand Zero’s true intentions as they delve deeper into her bloody quest, but also come to discover that each of her sisters are not the pristine goddesses spoke of in the stories. Each sister’s name is just a number, but their personalities are anything but simple. From the promiscuous Five, to Four with her inferiority complex, to Three, with her creepy obsession with dolls, this is a dysfunctional family of the highest order.

cent and dito

Each sister is also served by a Disciple with their own personality quirks. These Disciples are bound to their Intoners in body and soul, serving them to the end of their immortal days. This is perhaps not a bad job for Cent, who is worshipped by Two, but is more like a personal hell for Dito, who finds himself a slave to Five’s every whim. Zero will have to contend with these Disciples if she’s to make it to her sisters, but will they be friend or foe?

You can learn more about the story of Drakengard 3 on the official website. Make sure to check out the novellas for awesome stories about all of the characters.

Drakengard 3 is out now on the PlayStation 3 for $49.99.


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