Fox Has Opened The Door For More ‘Firefly’

Attention fellow Browncoats. There has been a development on the Firefly front. Now, I don’t want to get your hopes up too high, but Fox President Of Entertainment David Madden recently noted in an interview with Rotten Tomatoes that more Firefly is on the table…under one condition.

Joss Whedon must be the showrunner. Obviously.

So Fox has essentially put the ball in Whedon’s court here. I don’t know what projects he’s currently working on, but he is no longer bound by Marvel. Despite that, he hasn’t delivered on that Dr. Horrible sequel yet, so maybe he’s busy with something else. There’s also the rest of the cast to consider. Nathan Fillion is no longer dealing with Castle, which was something often brought up in the past as a barrier to any kind of revival. It seems like many of the other characters might have some time in their schedules as well.

However, the question is—do you still want this?

Keep in mind that Ron Glass (Shepherd Book) passed away last year, so rebooting everything before the events of Serenity isn’t possible without recasting. If everything takes place after the film, continuity is possible, but we’ve lost Wash as well. Things just wouldn’t be exactly the same either way.

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