‘Dragon Ball’ Fans Rally To Rename Planet Kepler-22b “Namek”


Is Kepler-22b a proper name for a the first potentially habitable planet NASA has found outside of our solar system? Naming planets after astronomers is a bit dull isn’t it? The hot trend in planet-naming is to use our favorite fandoms as inspiration.

It’s been four years since the discovery, but a Dragon Ball fan was the first to step forward with a proposal to change the name to “Namek”—home of Piccolo and his fellow Namekians. The Change.org petition has racked up over 80K supporters in just a few days.

As a fan of Dragon Ball, Z/GT/Super, Planet Namek has been an icon throughout the stories of the famous anime series/manga series created by Akira Toriyama (Animated by Toei Animation). I have made this petition to get Kepler 22b an official name, which will be named after a very lavish planet. They look alike as well. I petition to change the name of Kepler 22b to “Namek”.

Since the initial goal of 75K supporters has been surpassed, the petition will be submitted to the International Astronomical Union for what I’m sure will be very intense consideration.

(via RocketNews24)


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