Kick Ass 2 Stuntmen Save Woman From Jumping Off Balcony During San Diego Comic-Con


Three stuntmen with Stunts 911–Gregg Sergeant, Scott Schecter, and Amus Carver–became real life heroes last Friday at the San Diego Comic-Con.

The stuntmen were helping to set up an event to help promote the film Kick-Ass 2 when they noticed a woman in a nearby building preparing to jump  from a balcony. Using a harness that they’d originally intended to use during the event, the three men were able to get inside the building, sneak out onto the balcony, and successfully rescue the woman.

Sergeant, a professional stunt coordinator, noted that the woman ”seemed like she was very drunk. She was crying and hysterical.” Thankfully, no one was seriously injured and the woman in question was hospitalized following her rescue.

(San Diego Union Tribune via The Mary Sue)


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