Save 84% On A 5-Pack Of LED Helicopter Shooters [Deals]

led helicopter shooters

Sling these toy helicopters skyward to create a dazzling light show. This 5-Pack Of LED Helicopter Shooters is a whopping 84% off ($7.99 with free shipping) in our Nerd Approved Deals Store!

Easy to launch and fun to watch, these LED Helicopter Shooters are a surefire crowd pleaser. Simply flip on each helicopter’s light and slingshot your aircraft into the clouds using a rubber band launcher. Upon reaching maximum height, the helicopter’s blades will open up, allowing the aircraft to descend in a mesmerizing swirl of light and color.

-Easily launch into the air
-Operate w/ simple slingshot design
-Decorate the night sky w/ colorful lights
-Entertain yourself & others

LED Helicopter Shooters: 5-Pack ($50 $7.99)


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