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Man High On Acid And Dressed Like An Elf Attacks Woman’s BMW With A Sword

Elf attacks car

Imagine that you’re driving along the road, minding your own business, and suddenly, an elf runs into traffic and starts attacking your BMW. And we’re not talking a cute, Santa’s little helper elf. Picture a man in chain mail with a sword. That actually happened in Portland, Oregon, recently.

The man, Konrad Bass (LARPer and fantasy novelist under the name Konrad McKane), told police he was a “high-elf engaged in battle with the evil Morgoth.” Morgoth, also known as Melkor, was the master of Sauron long before The Lord of the Rings.

Bass told police he had taken LSD, but in an interview with Vocativ, he states he also experiences hypomania. He says the driver of the BMW honked her horn at him (and rightly so), and that was too much. Bass said, “I hopped on her hood and tried to pierce her tires with my master sword. I was trying to prove a point. Don’t mess with a dark elf.”

Note taken.

(Time via Gawker, photo via KPTV)


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