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MST3K Is Getting A Comic Book Somehow

How do you turn Mystery Science Theater 3000 into a comic? Dammed if I know, but Dark Horse is going to make it happen—and they’re throwing in some Dark Horse–designed products for good measure.

The move coincides nicely with the HIGHLY successful Kickstarter revival of the show, but it seems as though the wheels have been turning on this project as far back as 1993. That was the year Dark Horse’s VP of publishing, Randy Stradley, first inquired about a license.

Den of Geek notes that Acclaim once tossed around the idea of an MST3K graphic novel that involved Mike and the Bots making fun of old Gold Key and Dell comics, so that might be a hint about how the Dark Horse comic will work. Honestly, that’s probably the only way to go with this. Color me intrigued.

(via Dark Horse)

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