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Mythical Anime Sword Discovered For Real In Japan

sakabato sword

The anime series Rurouni Kenshin features an unusual type of katana called a sakabato. It’s a reverse edge/blade sword so instead of being sharp on the outer edge like a katana, its cutting edge is the side that curves inward. Though companies have created replicas based on the manga, a real version of the weapon dating back a couple of centuries – specifically the Edo period – has been discovered. It could be the first indication that such blades were used historically. Mind. blown.

The sword, pictured above, was located in an old storage unit in October. The 11 inch weapon was covered in rust and featured dragon engravings. The actual blade is 8.6 inches. It looks wicked. Maybe this means a dusty lightsaber will show up next? A girl can hope.

(Asahi News via Kotaku)


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