Nerdy Posters For Your Nerdy Abode [Sponsored]

Looking to pimp out those bland walls or improve upon your cubicle dwelling life? Here’s the chance to pick up some awesome posters that should go a long way in helping that particular dilemma?

Target Joffrey Poster
A perfect poster to take your hate of Joffrey out on. If you start throwing things at it like darts, you might need more than one.

Science > Beliefs poster
Science doesn’t care about invisible men in the sky, crazy conspiracy theories, or the power of wishful thinking. We’re looking at you “The Secret”. Science cuts through all the bullshit and that’s why the equation of Science > Beliefs will always be true.

TRAP poster
Damnit man, it was a TRAP! We think the Admiral made this clear.

DeathstaR2-D2 poster
This is what the rebels should have done with those stolen plans.

Who Watches the Empire poster
The only answer to who watches the Empire must be Doctor Manhattan, and of-course Ozymandias. Wait, is Ozymandias actually Vader? This mash-up has left us confused.


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