Save 15% On The ProtoPalette Arduino Start Kit [Deals]


Get going on your next Arduino project with this moldable platform. The ProtoPalette Arduino Start Kit is currently $109.99 (15% off with free shipping) in our Nerd Approved Deals Store!

ProtoPalette is the perfect launchpad for any electronics or programming project you’re looking to try out. By skipping the basic soldering and wiring tasks required, you’ll save time from the start and get right into the fun. Sometimes the hardest part of creating something great is getting started—ProtoPallete solves that problem at an unbeatable price.

-Supercharge your Arduino projects w/ a personal launchpad
-Easily add sensors to bring your projects to life
-Wire back to the built-in breadboard or any microcontroller without soldering
-Use the ProtoPalette for years to come
-Upload & share project ideas w/ the online ProtoPalette community
-Bring the lightweight, portable design on the go
-Watch helpful videos for getting started on projects

ProtoPalette Arduino Start Kit ($130 $109.99)


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