Save 58% On This Qi-Compatible Wireless Charging Stand! [Deals]

For a limited time the fast charging Qi-Compatible Wireless Charging Stand is on sale in our Nerd Approved Deals Store for only $28.98 (58% off)!

Samsung smartphone users are going to love having this charging stand at their bedside tables. Delivering a charge 50% faster than any standard wireless charger, this stand uses Qi wireless charging to give your Samsung phone (or any other Qi-compatible device!) a boost without having to futz with wires. Now you can easily view your phone without even sitting up in bed.

  • Compatible w/ Qi-enabled smartphones
  • Portable for easy stash & carry when traveling
  • Multi-colored LED halo indicates charging status so you can grab & go when your phone is ready
  • Fast Charging Qi Wireless Charging Stand ($28.98)


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