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Read a Lost Star Trek TOS Script From The Writer Of “The Doomsday Machine”

Sometimes scripts are literally lost. That’s the case with one of science fiction author Norman Spinrad’s scripts for Star Trek (the original series). The episode was titled “He Walked Among Us,” and it wasn’t purchased or produced. The script then went missing for 45 years. You’d think it would have been lost to the vacuum of space after all that time, but it’s recently turned up.

A fan brought it to Spinrad to be autographed. Granted, it was a faded copy of the typewritten script, but it was better than nothing. The fan kindly scanned it and emailed it to the author, and Spinrad thought it was time to share it with the world—at a cost. You see, if the script would have been produced, it obviously would have made Spinrad money. Originally, it was intended to be dramatic, but producer Gene L. Coon got wind that Milton Berle was involved, and he rewrote the entire thing as a comedy. Since the rewrite wasn’t his vision (and it apparently sucked) Spinrad convinced Roddenberry to ditch it completely.

Now it’s back in the author’s court. You can download the lost script from Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $9.

( via io9)


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