Sam Wilson Is The New Captain America

wilson cap

If you didn’t watch The Colbert Report last night, you might not know that Sam Wilson will be taking over as Captain America. The news was officially announced by Joe Quesada, Marvel Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer.

For many, the news is not all that unexpected (unlike announcing that the new Thor is a woman on The View of all places).

Marvel also took to Twitter to post the first pic of Wilson in costume. You can see the full tweet after the break along with Stephen Colbert’s answer as to who should replace The Falcon.

Stephen Colbert suggests that he should take over as The Falcon. Naturally:


Wilson’s debut as Captain America will happen this October in “All-New Captain America” #1” by Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen. You can watch the full Colbert episode here.

(via Newsarama)


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