Save 17% On Star Wars: The Old Republic – Only $49.99! [Deals]

Star Wars: The Old Republic is creeping up on the 2 million subscriber mark only six weeks after launch. If you want to get in on the game, you can save yourself about $10 with free shipping on Amazon for a limited time.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) for the PC gaming platform, set in the Star Wars universe. The first game of its kind, in it players choose from either the Galactic Republic or Sith faction, create a character, and along with a multitude of fans playing from all over the world, explore the fictional historic period of the Old Republic, as the Jedi confront the resurgent Sith Empire. Players can assume one of many races through their character, visit multiple planets, pilot spacecraft, utilize advanced dialog options in-game, take advantage of AI companions for gathering and crafting tasks and more.

Star Wars: The Old Republic—$59.95 $49.99 (17% off)


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