Save 25% On A Keychain That Will Automatically Lock And Unlock Your Mac [Deals]


The Sesame 2 keychain is a super easy security solution for Mac users and it’s currently on sale for just $29 (25% off) in our Nerd Approved Deals Store!

Simply keep Sesame in your pocket, and your Mac will auto-lock every time you walk away. When you return, Sesame will auto-unlock your screen, so you can continue right where you left off. It’s that easy.

“The new Sesame 2 key fob is a dead-simple security solution for your Mac that’s exactly the right kind of boring,” Megan Logan, Wired

  • Increase security by using Sesame as a two-factor authentication solution
  • Customize your lock/unlock parameters
  • Keep it on a lanyard, key-ring or in your pocket
  • Minimize energy consumption w/ its Bluetooth Low Energy functionality
  • Get advanced control over volume, apps, and more w/ AppleScript support

Sesame 2 Auto-Lock Keychain for Mac ($39 $29)

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