Save 40% On This Awesome Android Power Bot USB Charger [Deals]


Android fans are going to love this little Andru USB Charger. You could even give it to an Apple fan as a gift then laugh and laugh. It’s currently only $14.99 (40% off with free shipping) in our Nerd Approved Deals Store!

Portable chargers don’t have to be boring eyesores—spice up your charging routine with Andru, the fun-size, pose-able Android mascot. Simply plug Andru into the wall, connect your USB charger, and power up any device needing a boost. Andru is specially made for Android devices, but is willing and ready to charge any USB-capable device!

“…this thing is probably one of the more useful gifts for the Android devotee in your life.” TechCrunch

-Moveable arms & flexible antennae
-Light-up eyes (blue while charging, green on standby)
-Soft & smooth white finish
-Comes w/ his own stand & cable
-Cute & small at 2.5 inches tall
-Works w/ Apple accessories or any USB-capable devices; you just need to provide your own -USB cable
-Available in white & green!

Andru USB Charger Green / Andru USB Charger White ($25 $14.99)


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