Save 52% On The Serenity Bank Heist Money Pack – Only $9.50! [Deals]

Firefly fans can own this unique Serenity Bank Heist Money Pack from QMx for only $9.50. That’s 52% off the list price!

Each pack contains 12 exact replicas of the Alliance scrip that Malcolm Reynolds and associates liberated on Lilac, created by Serenity Graphic Artist Geoffrey Mandel. All bills are printed on high rag-content parchment, come wrapped in an Alliance belly band and are stashed in a glossy black box.

But wait, there’s more! This pack also includes a map of the infamous Burnham Quadrant, home to Reaver space and where tranquil Miranda orbits. The map is taken directly from the movie’s digital reference files, printed on archival glossy stock and comes folded inside the presentation box.

Serenity Bank Heist Money Pack—$19.95 $$9.50 (52%)


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