Save 58% On The Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone! [Deals]

striker drone

Imagine all of the awesome things you could film with your own camera drone. Fortunately, getting one doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. In fact, the Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone is only $69.99 (58% off with free shipping) in our Nerd Approved Deals Store!

Even a fear of flying shouldn’t prevent you from soaring to great heights! Fly up, down, and every way in between with the Striker Spy Drone. Encased in a hardy plastic shell, yet still light enough to maneuver, this drone handles even the most complex tricks you throw at it with ease. The internal gyro ensures a smooth flight no matter the conditions, and the built-in camera allows you to film and snap photos of your aerial shenanigans. In no time at all, gravity will be nothing more than a technicality.

-Film 30 minutes of aerial footage using the integrated HD camera w/ built-in shutter stabilization
-Take up to 50,000 photos from mid-air
-Fly the Striker right out of the box w/ limited setup required
-Seamlessly calibrate in order to handle long-distance flying
-Pull off tricks & flips in midair thanks to the 4 rotating motors and 4.5 channel gyro
-Guard against radio interference w/ the transmitter’s 2.4GHz frequency

Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone ($170 $69.99)

Check out a video of the Striker in action after the break…


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