“Serenity” Story Continues At Dark Horse With Buffy Artist Georges Jeanty


They’ve been teasing a new Firefly series since this summer and now Dark Horse Comics has given us a little more with the announcement that its Serenity series will be illustrated by Georges Jeanty and pick up where the 2005 film left off. Jeanty previously worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and as a Firefly fan is excited to work in another branch of the Whedonverse. He notes in talking with Comic Book Resources that there are some differences in the worlds that will change the tone of his artwork:

“‘Firefly’ is a lot darker than ‘Buffy,'” Jeanty said. “There are way more shadows and shading than with ‘Buffy.’ Also, when I was drawing ‘Buffy,’ I could start from scratch. Sure, I had to keep in line with how the characters looked, but everything [else] was up for grabs. Sunnydale was destroyed, so I didn’t have to keep in line with the architecture. With ‘Firefly’ there are seven characters and a ship to consider. When they’re on Serenity — fans know what every inch of that ship looks like, so I have to be very meticulous with my depiction. Not to mention there are a few very subtle differences in the ship from TV to the movie. This is definitely a learning experience, one I don’t think I’ll fully master until the series is over!”

Looks like Jeanty is anticipating the challenge of meeting the exacting expectations of Firefly fans, but sound like he’s ready for the job! Speaking of expectations, the continuing story is described thusly:

As the series begins, Mal and the crew are recouping from their recent strike against the sinister interplanetary government, The Alliance, in which they exposed government agencies as those responsible for the creation of the Reavers — the scourge of the universe. With River Tam in the co-pilot chair and a very pregnant Zoe reeling from the death of her husband, Wash, Mal is finding himself and his ship in greater danger than ever.

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(via Comic Book Resources)


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