Sponsored Post: Geek Gifts In The Form Of Cotton

Give the gift of geeky cotton this holiday season by picking up a nerdy t-shirt from 604Republic. They’re affordable, make an awesome gift and they’ll easily fit in their stocking!

At 604Republic, we’re nerds in love with pop-culture and all things geeky. Whether it’s geek culture, sci-fi, fantasy, dinosaurs, zombies, video games, general nerdiness or your favorite pop-culture reference, when you identify with something you love, you want to share it with the world.

Get ‘em while they’re in stock, oh and save yourself some cash by getting 10% off your purchase by using promo code NERDAPPROVED2011 at checkout.

BLUE HORDE t-shirt – Even these adorably cute creatures are not immune to the coming zombie plague. The village has been over-run and only one mushroom house remains. Lock and load.

INTOXICATE t-shirt – This robotic destruction machine decided that getting sloshed would be preferable to his usual battle cry of extermination.

PROCRASTINATE t-shirt – This Dalek has decided to replace his typical cry of “Exterminate” with something a bit more relaxing, after all, the exterminate part can always get done tomorrow.

STONED IN WONDERLAND t-shirt – Tumbling down the rabbit hole was probably the best thing that ever happened to Alice. After all, it seems like she’s having a really good time with her new found friends.

BEAM THIS! t-shirt – This poor red shirted bastard had no idea what he was beaming into. Apparently into a massive uppercut.

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