Sponsored Post: Nerdy Hats and Beanies Will Keep Your Favorite Nerd’s Head From Freezing

Let’s face it. Your average geek probably spends more time questing than exploring the real great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to protect that precious cranium of theirs from dangerous outdoor elements such as the cold and that large glowing disk in the sky. Give them the gift of warmth, and protection this holiday season by picking up one of our fine pieces of headwear and they’ll love you forever.

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Check out our awesomely nerdy hats after the break.

STARK beanie – Winter is coming, and the only thing that will keep you warm is this finely embroidered beanie.

RETRO beanie – Classic gaming elements come together on this stylish, finely embroidered beanie.

QUESTION BLOCK hat – Floating in midair, often containing gold coins, super mushrooms or fire flowers, these bricks are a sight for sore eyes. This is an authentic wooly combed FLEXFIT hat.

INVADER hat – A classic symbol of the video gaming past. This is an authentic wooly combed FLEXFIT hat.

HEARTS hat – Because all health should be represented through a set of hearts. This is an authentic wooly combed FLEXFIT hat.

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