Star Wars-Themed Funeral Fulfilled Boy’s Final Wish

sw funeral 1

Jack Robinson only had four years on this planet. He’s been fighting against an inoperable brain tumor and knowing that he faced a hard road, he made a bucket list that included meeting singer Gary Barlow and and actor Matt Smith. For his final wish, he requested a Star Wars-themed funeral, and his parents Terence and Marie Robinson made it happen when he passed on April 1st of this year.

A Star Wars-themed coffin was transported in a carriage surrounded by stormtroopers, and R2-D2 was at the service. “Binary Sunset” was played by a brass band. Jack Robinson got the unique send off he requested and deserved.

There are a few more heartbreaking photos after the break.

sw funeral 3

sw funeral 2

sw funeral 4

Apparently, Matt Smith sent Jack a personal video, sang him the Doctor Who theme and called him the show’s “biggest fan in the world”.

(Daily Mail via Nerd Bastards via Geekologie)


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