Arrow’s Stephen Amell Will Face Stardust On ‘Monday Night Raw’

amell raw

While a lot of people have been dying to see Stephen Amell take on the course for ‘American Ninja Warrior’, there’s a whole different group that’s been waiting with baited breath to see if the feud between Amell and WWE wrestler Stardust (aka Cody Rhodes) was going to result in a match on next week’s Monday Night Raw.

This back and forth has been going on for a while, with Stardust trash talking Amell and Amell trash talking back. It looked like the taunts were just talk and nothing would come of it until Stardust spoke a certain phrase on the July 30th episode of SmackDown…

Yep, that got Stephen’s attention (check out the 1:50 mark).

Here’s more on how this grudge match came to be:


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