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SyFy Goes Sci-Fi And Promises Less Sharknado And More Spaceships


SyFy is going back to its space opera roots with a show that’s actually about space for a change. They pulled away from sci-fi back in 2009, but they say scripted series like Ascension mark a return to the programming we’re all missing. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with SyFy President David Howe and Vice President original content Bill McGoldrick who confirmed that they know people want their spaceships and they plan to deliver.

McGoldrick’s first pull on the scripted trigger Ascension, a limited series for which Syfy is closing a deal and eyeing for the fourth quarter. Part Battlestar and part Downton Abbey, it follows the 100-year-long space shuttle of colonists fleeing an Earth threatened by the early Cold War.

They also plan to cut way back on the cheesy made-for-TV movies and instead work on adding miniseries to their programming. Cut back doesn’t mean eliminate though, so we’ll still get a good ol’ Sharknado in the mix from time to time.

(via io9)


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