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Tiny e-volo Multicopter Could Be The Future Of Flying [Video]

This German designed e-volo multicopter is touted as the possible future of flight  – “piloting a device as simple as a car.” The aircraft is equipped with sixteen tiny propellers driven by independent electric motors, resulting in a quiet, clean and economically cost efficient machine.

The lithium batteries would allow for 10 to 30 minutes of flight depending on payload and battery capacity, expending roughly $10 worth of electricity in the process. In addition, the e-volo is extremely simple in design, and can land safely even if four of its motors fail.

The technology is still in development, but the team behind the e-volo are hoping that their aircraft will one day be used for air sports equipment, leisure and even “entirely new use areas that no one has yet imagined.”

Hit the jump to see the e-volo in flight.

(e-volo via DVICE)


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