USA Today Recreates ‘Back To The Future’ Front Page At Newsstands

usa today bttf

Prepare to care about newspapers one last time! UPDATE: To clarify, the paper will be released tomorrow, October 22nd. That was the date of the paper featured in the film.

To commemorate Back To The Future Day, USA Today has reproduced the front page seen in Back To The Future II as a wrap around supplement.

Let’s see what kind of chaos it creates when people think it’s real news. You know there’s going to be a few.

Of course, USA Today had to take some creative liberties to fill out the page—including articles that were just repeated text in the original prop. They also omitted a reference to Queen Diana visiting Washington that’s extremely depressing in hindsight.

Still, it’s a fun tribute—one of many we’re likely to see today.

Check out the entire reproduced front page after the break (click to enlarge)…


(via Mashable)


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