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Was The Millennium Falcon Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean? [Video]

Swedish treasure hunters recently spotted a 60-foot disc at the bottom of the ocean with what appears to be a long impact trail trailing behind it. Naturally, this has lead many on the internet to jump right to the conclusion that the object is, in fact, a UFO.

Or the Millennium Falcon.

Exploration leader Peter Lindberg noted that the object was unlike anything he had ever seen in his 18-years as a professional ocean explorer. Despite this, Lindberg claims that his team will not investigate the disc because, as MSNBC puts it, they have “neither the interest nor the resources” to explore something that could wind up being nothing. Still, he speculated that the object could be “a new Stonehenge”—which I have to imagine would be potentially more valuable than any other treasure they could be digging up down there.

Either way, you can bet that someone will be curious enough to take a closer look. Until then, let the conspiracy theories commence. Check out a short video on the find after the break.

(via MSNBC)


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