Welcome To The Marveldome

disney marvel concept art

Marvel is in our comic book shops, on movie screens, in games, and on our television. In short, almost everywhere. If you want more Marvel, you’re in luck because The Marvel Experience may be coming to a town near you. Concept art for the touring show was just revealed, and it looks massive. There will be a multi-dome complex – MarvelDome! – covering almost two football fields of space. It’s all about fans interacting with their favorite Marvel superheroes.

According to the website:

“… visitors will find an original motion ride, exclusive 3D animated features, digitally projected animation, motion-comic book origin stories, virtual reality and holographic simulations, dynamic interactive activities, as well as integrated social media touch points which are carefully woven into the rich narrative story line at every twist and turn.”

You can bet there will be a giant gift shop for you to buy souvenirs to better remember your visit. I don’t know about you guys, but if this tours near my city and is priced right, I’m there. Sign up for the newsletter in the link below so you can find out information as soon as it’s released.

(The Marvel Experience via LAT)


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