We’re Getting a “Flash” TV Series On The CW


Looks like we’re getting another superhero show on the CW and this time it’ll be The Flash. The news was confirmed by the CW’s Mark Pedowitz, along with the not so good news that the potential Wonder Woman series, Amazon, has been moved to the back burner. From Deadline:

During the CW executive session, the network’s topper Mark Pedowitz gave more details about The Flash project. It will be the origin story of Barry Allen who will be introduced as a recurring character on Arrow this coming season starting in the fall. “We want to expand the DC universe of characters,” he said. As for how the project came together, Pedowitz said he late last year brought up the idea to DC Entertainment president Diane Neslon who turns out had already been discussing it with WBTV’s Peter Roth and producer Greg Berlanti. Pedowitz also confirmed that “Amazon is on pause (as) the script is not exactly what we wanted, and with an iconic character like Wonder Woman, we have to get it right.

So, they give and they take. We will also be getting a Flash movie, likely sometime in 2016. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Berlanti will direct and pen the screenplay alongside Chris Brancato, Michael Green, Johns and Guggenheim. Pedowitz also noted that there is no conflict with the movie studio or DC when it comes to the TV series and feature film, as previous efforts have proven troublesome when there’s such an overlap.

Now the only question is, will the series be any good?

(via The Mary Sue)


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