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Zack Whedon To Pen New Firefly Comic For Dark Horse

Serenity Cover

Dark Horse kicked off New York Comic Con visit with exciting news about its new Firefly series. We’ve already heard artist Georges Jeanty would be involved, but now we also have confirmation Zack Whedon will be writing the series. Serenity: Leaves on the Wind will be a six issue mini series with the potential to keep going. The first issue hits comic book shop shelves on January 29th.

How awesome is it that a Whedon is involved? Zack stated he and Joss had a broader conversation before he dived in to discuss stories they were thinking about doing if Firefly had kept moving forward as a series. Zack is making the story his own though. And since the crew has been through a lot in Serenity, they have some more serious times ahead. Whedon told Nerdist:

“Hijinks do not ensue much in this series,” Whedon explains. “They’re too ‘almost dying’ for that.” In the wake of events of the Serenity film, “they are on the defensive a bit, they’ve been painted one way by the media and the Alliance is trying to stamp them out harder than ever,” he said. For those of you hoping for some lighter-hearted adventuring, Whedon remains optimistic. “Hopefully when this adventure is done, they’ll be able to hijinks it up a bit more.”

Hijinks or not, I can’t wait to pick up this series.

(via Nerdist)


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