Own Your Own Desktop Mini Museum

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If you’re something of a science nut, you might want to check out this new Kickstarter Project called the Mini Museum. It’s basically a small glass display that holds a wide variety of interesting artifacts and fossils, including dinosaur bone, a piece of martian rock, foil from the Apollo 11 command module, soil from Dracula’s castle (think Vlad the Impaler) and other interesting tidbits.

The project is headed up by a product designer named Hans Fex, and while there isn’t any concrete verification that all of these artifacts are genuine (though Fex is officially registered as a meteorite collector), it seems like Fex’s heart’s in the right place–his father, who was a amateur historian and collector, was the inspiration for this project. The price for one of these mini-displays is a whopping $239.

Check out the project video after the break…

(Kickstarter via The Verge)


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