tennant gracepoint notes

Gracepoint may be cancelled, but the set still has gifts to offer. It seems that prop master Clayton Flagg is a Doctor Who fan and decided to have a little fun when writing up the messages that David Tennant’s character received on February 15th.

Lucky for us, the inside joke didn’t stop with Flagg. Not only did David Tennant photograph them, but Gracepoint‘s writer, creator, and executive producer Chris Chibnall tweeted out the picture to share it with the rest of us Whovians.

The writing may be a bit hard to read, so here’s what the messages say:

From: Martha Jones
Message: Has information about Sally Sparrow.

From: D Noble
Message: Information regarding the library.

From: R. Tyler
Message: something regarding a wolf?

Check out the tweet after the break.

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The team at Man at Arms: Reforged is taking us all back to Middle-Earth as they build Sauron’s Mace. He takes out legions of men in one swing with this thing in the movies, and the version these guys create looks almost, but not quite as deadly.

See it come together in the video after the break.

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dc pens header

I don’t use pens often anymore, but when I do, they have to be just right. I can’t imagine it getting more right than these sexy DC Comics-themed pens by Montegrappa. The fancy superhero and supervillain designs come in ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain varieties. The barrels have bright patterns and colors, and the caps feature mini sculptures of Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin, and the Joker. They are not inexpensive by any definition of the word, but they look like they’re of the highest quality.

See individual shots of the beautiful writing tools after the break.

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Today is our fifth and final Giveaway Week contest, and you’ll want to get in on it if you like nerdy toys (and surprises).

We’re giving away a six month Lootcrate subscription to a lucky reader!

If you’re not familiar, Lootcrate is a subscription service that delivers a mystery box full of toys, shirts and other nerdy collectibles to your door each month. The value of the products in the box are far greater than the subscription price, and each month members have the chance to win a mega crate worth $2000. You can see some of the items in past crates here.

Head after the break for all the information on how to enter.

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I’m not sure if the guy in this video is a ninja, but the flying kick he launches at this arcade game is extremely impressive. While the martial arts action is cool, you don’t get to see the kick in normal speed, you don’t get to see the guy’s final score, and the quality of the video is abysmal. Bummer, I know. But I’m going to guess and say that he did get a high score… and that he probably broke the machine too.

Watch all the spin kicking action after the break…

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frozen funko 3

No one is ever going to let Frozen go. Ever. The animated film is still raking in merchandise dollars, and because Funko is smart, they’re releasing another series of brand new Frozen Pop! figures. You’ll be able to get young Elsa and Anna, coronation Elsa and Anna, and a summer version of Olaf (don’t worry, it’s not a big puddle). They’re all as cute as you’d imagine.

Besides the normal size figures, Funko’s also releasing a series of Mystery Minis. I want to buy the entire box of them!

Pre-order now to receive the new Frozen figures in February or March.

Check out the rest of the new figures after the break.

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zelda triforce leather journal

It seems to me that all books should have a cover like this. It really makes you feel like you’re going on an adventure.

This leather Zelda Triforce book/journal cover is hand tooled and painted by artist Ian Finch-Field of SkinzNHydez. I think it’s beautifully crafted and I’d figure would only get better with age.

Head after the break to see more pictures.

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The new animated series Game in 60 Seconds features different games being reviewed by Internet heroes like Nic Cage (impersonated of course) in just 60 seconds. His rating system has neither stars nor tomatoes but flaming Ghost Rider heads. This particular episode also involves him shooting laser beams from his eyes while making “pew-pew!” sounds. It’s all the things that make Nic Cage so incredibly awesome.

See the video after the break and warning, NSFW language.

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2014 Maihack Supergirl Batgirl Comic

Illustrator Mike Maihack has made the holidays more festive for a few years now by giving us adorable Batgirl and Supergirl Christmas comics. Supergirl is more enthusiastic about Christmas than Batgirl, and she tries to drag the reluctant superhero into her joyful celebration every year.

This year Supergirl confuses Christmas with Halloween, but a surprise appearance from Batman validates her mix-up. It’s adorable.

(via Mike Maihack)

LEGO justice league

Hold on to your Lasso of Truth because LEGO is actually producing a set with Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. Ahhh! Unlike this hilarious parody, the jet is real and is constructed from clear LEGO bricks. It included as part of a Justice League set called “Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas” and will be available in 2015. According to the schedule of LEGO releases slated for next year, we can expect it to arrive in April along with four other Justice League sets.

Yep, I’m sold.

(via Topless Robot)