custom iron man

These are Iron Man mash-ups like you’ve never seen them before. Artist Sam Kwok uses amazing Hot Toys Iron Man action figures and makes them even more amazing with sculpted pieces and a new paint job. His vision takes Iron Man everywhere from Spawn to Hello Kitty.

Check out more of his amazing work after the break.

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Loot Crate has unveiled their new “Cyber” theme for June 2015 along with the contents of the Mega Crate (which every Borderlands fan will undoubtedly lust after). The official description for “Cyber” reads:

This month, Loot Crate invites you to join the CYBER revolution with an assortment of cool, tech-themed collectibles from a wide array of awesome franchises! It’s a self-aware, singularity-fueled celebration of all the robots, androids, cyborgs and programs-gone-mad bent on our annihilation and the few who keep fighting the good fight to save us. We’re featuring EXCLUSIVE items from Terminator Genisys, Borderlands, Battlestar Galactica and more, including an EXCLUSIVE t-shirt you won’t find anywhere else! So back up your hard drive, learn a little binary and get ready to download your disembodied consciousness into Loot Crate Systems!

We’re definitely looking forward to it.

If you’re interested in jumping in to a Loot Crate subscription with “Cyber”, you can get 10% off your subscription when you use the code “NERDAPPROVED” at checkout.

Check out our review of the Loot Crate boxes for May (Unite), April (Fantasy) and March (Covert) to get a better idea of what a subscription is all about.

And don’t forget that one lucky Looter will get the Mega Crate for June on their doorstep! See what amazing (and expensive) surprises await inside that prize box after the break…

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lego fps

There are plenty of Lego-themed games out there, but none of them embrace the idea of a first person shooter. Visual effects artist Andrew McMurray decided to change that by adding Lego minifigs to games like Portal, Bioshock, and Counter Strike. Even Skyrim is in there as a bonus. Too bad there isn’t a playable mod.

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puppet wedding

Tammy Caplan and Joe Gold planned to surprise their guest with a very unusual wedding. After much debate, they settled on getting a puppet to officiate. Eureka!

Six puppets took part in the ceremony which also included a sing-along. Plus, the puppeteers interacted with guests during cocktail hour and the breakfast reception included a make-your-own puppet station.

Not surprisingly, the bride and groom are actors, writers, and independent filmmakers so they came up with the script and then worked on getting puppets and puppeteers. That’s where the LA Puppet School stepped in.

And yes, it’s all perfectly legal since puppeteer Sam Kirkpatrick got ordained online for the event.

Check out a video of the ceremony after the break.

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In all my years of playing World Of Warcraft, nothing became more familiar in guild chat than the “Ding!” of someone leveling up. Sometimes, when you’re in the higher levels, it looks more like “OMG DING FINALLY!”, but it’s a “Ding” all the same.

Now you can buy your very own Blizzard World of Warcraft Leveling Up Ding Button and ding away to your heart’s content. Celebrate everything with a “Ding”.

Birthday? Ding.

Job promotion? Ding.

BM? Ding.

Product Page ($14.99)


These Star Wars die cast race cars are wonderfully quirky little cars. The set of five includes R2-D2, C-3PO, Yoda, Darth Vader and a stormtrooper in unique designs. The fronts look like each character’s face, kinda like the cars in the Pixar movies. They will be available for preorder (in Asia anyway) beginning in July.

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batman sketch figure top

This looks like a sketch done with pencil and paper, but what you’re looking at is a figure that will be available at this year’s SDCC for $40. It’s part of the Designer Series of figures which bases action figures on the style of a particular artist.

This one is based on Batman: Hush artist Jim Lee. It will measure 7″ tall and comes in a box with a sketch done by Lee. There will also be a pricier $300 limited edition of only 150 pieces that will have original Lee artwork.

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Turn your computer into an AirPlay receiver super cheap with the AirServer app (available for both Mac and PC). It’s only $9.99 (33% off) in our Nerd Approved Deals Store!

Shouldn’t it be simple to stream content from your smartphone directly to your monitor? It isn’t. With AirServer for Mac, you can receive AirPlay feeds, like with an Apple TV, so you can easily beam content from your iOS devices to your bigger display. Share presentations, stream videos straight from native apps, play mobile-only games, and more with this easy-to-use software.

“AirServer is a Mac app that turns your computer into a receiver for AirPlay. We have seen this kind of thing before, but AirServer works better, and adds functionality,” WIRED

-Watch on-demand videos (AirServer supports 3rd party media players like BBC iPlayer, 4oD & Netflix)
-Get ultra-clear quality w/ full 1080p HD support
-Mirror your social media interaction to browse profiles & share photos w/ friends
-See your favorite apps broadcast on the big screen
-Play mobile-only games on your monitor & even play w/ your friends
-Record your actions to create demos & tutorials

AirServer Mirroring Receiver (Mac) / AirServer Mirroring Receiver (PC)$15 $9.99


Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti has already proven herself to be a glorious nerd by dressing like Captain Janeway aboard the ISS and taking what is possibly the best selfie ever.

She’s at it again, this time in celebration of Towel Day. She read a passage from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and then waved her towel in greeting to all of us down on Earth. There were also some wonderful tweets on the usefulness of towels.

See the video and tweets after the break.

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As we’ve noted previously, the Star Wars Battle Pod arcade game is the first Star Wars arcade game in years. Aside from the nostalgia factor, the gameplay is pretty stellar (players can actually jump in and start blasting away at baddies on Hoth, Endor and even the Death Star II!).

If you’re not too keen on waiting in line to play, you will soon have two options to buy a cabinet for yourself. Bandai Namco recently announced plans to the sell the units in the U.S., Japan and Europe in standard ($35,000) and premium ($100,000) versions. Orders start next month and shipping is not included (ouch).

Now you might think that the price is a little steep for the standard arcade version and completely outrageous for the premium version, but keep in mind that the latter comes with a number of unique features such as movable seats that sport genuine leather, carpeting inside the cabinet, a one-of-a-kind owner’s manual and two unique exterior designs (either the Rebel helmet or Darth Vader-themed).

The units are individually numbered, and if you purchase one of these bad boys, your name will be emblazoned on a special plaque. However, if your funds are a little more limited, you can probably get by with the standard Star Wars Battle Pod (pictured after the break). It’s the same one you’ll find in arcades.

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