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Nerd Approved has partnered with Lockerdome to give away the upcoming Apple TV to a lucky reader!

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Tap into the power of the Death Star with this USB wall charger. It has two ports and lights up!

Q: But will it blow up my phone?

A: Maybe?

Product Page ($29.99)


LEGO builder Ivan Angeli has put his love for D&D’s Forgotten Realms setting to good use with this incredible build of Suldanessellar. This beauty took four months of intense building to complete and two days to set up. It incorporates more than 1000 minifigs!

If you’re wondering about the scale, Angeli says the White Tower alone is roughly three meters high.

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Now is your chance to grab a pair of iBeats in-ear headphones for only $49 in our Nerd Approved Deals Store! That’s 50% off the list price (for a limited time) with free shipping.

Features include:

-Enjoy unique high-resolution sound
-Bask in the glory of deep bass, soaring highs & clean midrange from the exclusive driver design
-Listen while you exercise thanks to the lightweight, durable body
-Immerse yourself in a untainted listening experience w/ the solid metal housing
-Use ControlTalk’s built-in mic for hands-free calls
-Get on-cable playback control of your sounds: skip, play, pause, etc.
-Block out external noise w/ in-ear construction & eartips
-Choose between multiple size ear-tips for a snug fit

Also available in white!

iBeats By Dre In-Ear Headphones ($99 $49)

peanuts adventure time

Using the Peanutize Me website (for the upcoming Peanuts movie) and a bit of Photoshop, Grant Davis created some delightful Peanuts mashups involving many of our favorite TV shows.

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inflatable jabba

Put him on the lawn for Halloween with a Han Solo in carbonite graphic on your front door. When Christmas rolls around, just put a Santa hat on him. And don’t even get me started on the cosplay potential.

Indeed, the possibilities are endless when you’re the proud owner of a 6 ft. tall x 10 ft. long inflatable Jabba the Hutt. It even has a a built-in blower fan to get Jabba up and running quickly.

Product Page ($169.99)

chewbacca toilet paper top

The cosplay is a little half assed, but its roar is on point.

Check out the video after the break. It’s pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh.

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nerdy fall

We’ve collected 10 nerdy things to cozy up your home this fall. I’m guessing you won’t see many of these on HGTV. Check them out after the break…

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skeye pico

Take flight in fresh air or zip the mini SKEYE Pico Drone through your office in between meetings—we guarantee it’s more fun than a coffee-break. It’s on sale for a limited time in our Nerd Approved Deals store for just $34.99 (28% off with free shipping)!

This nimble quadcopter is stealth enough to rest on the tip of your finger, and nimble enough to flip, zip, and dive through tight spaces. Just throw it in the air—literally—and hover your heart out.

-Control the flight easily w/ 3 levels of sensitivity
-Flip, hover & dive w/ the 6-axis flight control system
-Fly at night w/ built-in LED lights
-Store the drone inside its own controller
-Replace a broken rotor blade w/ one of 4 extras

SKEYE Pico Drone ($49 $34.99)

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Oh Hallmark, thank you for this festive new Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan ornament. It plays “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” quote—and that gives me an idea.

I’m going to put up a second “despair” tree this year, complete with this ornament, a Weeping Angel topper and tentacles.

(@johnmartz via io9)