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How much do you really know about computers? Test your knowledge with the CPU Wars Card Game 2-Pack. It’s currently on sale for just $14.99 (42% off) with free shipping in our Nerd Approve Deals Store!

Computer aficionados rejoice! There is finally a game that will test your knowledge, prove your superiority over others, and provide endless fun. With two volumes and four booster cards, this bundle includes trivia on key facts and the greatest achievements in desktop and server CPU history. How much do you really know about your CPU? It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

-A unique geeky gift for your IT friends
-Super fun & educational
-Combinable decks for 2-6 person games
-Cards on 60 of the greatest achievements in computing & server history

‘CPU Wars’ Card Game 2-Pack ($26 $14.99)


The Hong Kong 3D Museum has a very cool exhibit of 3D One Piece art going on right now. As you will see, the focus is on optical illusions. Even if you don’t know much about the anime and manga, you have to admit that this exhibit would be pretty fun to attend.

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Well, Ninja tortoise to be more specific.

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These adorable and very snugly plush characters are designed to look like the classic 8-bit versions of Link, Mario, and Luigi. They’re sold as a set of three and will be shipping in July.

Product Page ($54.99 via technabob)


QMx has teamed up with Bicycle to produce a new set of Firefly Playing Cards and, yes… they’re pretty shiny.

The art is by the talented Ben Mund and features Browncoat favorites like Vera, Mal’s pistol, and even Serenity herself on the Ace of Spades. QMx says there’s even a Easter egg or two for the sharp-eyed fan to find.

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attack on titan poster

The footage isn’t entirely new, but this new Attack On Titan trailer does have the benefit of English subtitles. The two-part film is set to open in Japan on August 1st with Attack on Titan End of the World coming shortly thereafter on September 19th.

Based on the footage we’ve seen thus far, it appears that the film does a good job of capturing the nightmarish terror of giant human-eating monsters in a post apocalyptic world.

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This stop-motion short titled Transformers: Generation is a super action-packed story created by Harris Loureiro. Bumblebee and Wheeljack are out on patrol when they encounter Decepticons and mayhem ensues.

See Also: Loureiro’s “Attack on Giant”

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I love when artists re-imagine characters into other popular styles. These A Song Of Ice And Fire covers were created by Noriko Meguro right after the series was translated to Japanese. Our favorite characters look wicked, and hauntingly beautiful. And some of them look down right sexy as hell (slightly NSFW in fact). The picture above is Jon Snow from A Game of Thrones, Part 1.

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marvelone copy

Honestly, who isn’t beyond stoked for Avengers: Age of Ultron? I mean, I was already pretty excited about the movie, but then I watched this video tribute featuring all the movies in the Marvel Universe, and now I’m pretty much through the roof.

Robert Jones took adrenaline-pumping scenes from the films, spliced everything together and added Linkin Park’s “A Light That Never Comes” to create one totally epic music video-esque tribute to all things Marvel.

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