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Could combining the keyboard and mouse in this manner actually be the answer? Or is it just another gimmick that looks good on paper but does not pan out in real world use?

To tell you the truth, I am not sure at this point. My initial thought is that it is just a gimmick, but the one advantage to this thing is that you don’t constantly have to move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse and back. Unfortunately, for those of us who did not take the time to attend a typing class, breaking the keyboard up like this would probably be more fo a distraction than any advantage I would get from less keyboard/mouse switching. I do like the idea of just touching the contact switch area to switch between keyboard and mouse mode, but I just don’t think I could get over the keyboard always being moved into different positions. Others may find it simple and useful. Good for them, if the unit ever makes it beyond the prototype stage and actually into manufacturing. They are currently looking for a manufacturer.


Posted by Jeff


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