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Infinite USB Drives

Infinite USB

This is a pretty cool concept from Vicky Wei of Yanko Design. The idea is that you could put multiple USB keys together to have a larger storage device. In addition, they have a pass through USB connector so you don’t lose a port when it is in use.

While I do not think USB 2.0 spec covers anything like this, I think there would be some challenges. If the device were to appear as one large USB key, would it spread data across multiple keys? Because if it did, the only way to get it back off would be to reconnect it in the same way. That could be tough, and take most of the advantages away.

The pass through USB seems like a nice add on, and it would be useful in very limited situations, I just think using a portable key as an intermediary device is a little tough. Now you have to disconnect both devices to remove the USB key. I also think that with PC’s/laptops built over the last couple years, they are coming with more and more USB ports, making the need for this a bit less than in the past.

Cool design, and it is always good to have new ideas floating around but whether they would be useful or even possible are details that are open for debate. Still, sometimes you need a fresh, non-technical approach as a starting point.



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