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Review: Corsair Nautilus 500

Corsair introduced their Nautilus 500 as an entry level water cooling solution for the average user. It does not offer the absolute optimal cooling availble, and does not include the VGA cooler to go with it, but it performs exactly as it has been billed. Includes mounting hardware for most Intel and AMD setups, and offers cooling better than your typical fan solution. A few minor knocks against it in the reviews, but for $159, that probably should be expected.

MaximumPC: Overall, the Nautilus delivers on its promises. We don’t like how much force is required for a Socket 939 install, and it’s not totally silent, but it’s easily the best entry-level water-cooling kit we’ve tested.

Legit Reviews: The Corsiar Nautilus 500 DOES perform better than the HydroCool 200EX for less money. The Corsair Nautilus 500 DOES begin to bring water cooling to mainstream computer users. The Corsair Nautilus DOES leave room for modifications to be done to improve performance. The Corsair Nautilus 500 is something that I would suggest to other,s but they also need to be aware of the cost cutting that I noted in the areas of concern. If those issues do not bother you then this is a water cooling kit that you will enjoy.

Hexus: In an ideal world, we’d like Corsair to take another look at the fiddly LGA775 mounting mechanism that Intel favours and, perhaps the use of a quieter pump. Other than that, it’s the simplest way to get into watercooling.
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