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Review: Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Evoluent Vertical MouseThe guys over at Evoluent claim that the Vertical Mouse can help those suffereing from repetitive stress injuries (RSI) in the hand and the wrist by eliminating arm twisting.

But the question is – does it work?


ExtremeTech: “We really only used the mouse for a few weeks, and that is a short amount of time to make the final pronouncement on the ergonomics of a mouse. But for those of us who trust doctors and agree that a more vertical position for our wrist is healthier, consider this mouse a sound investment. We agree that this position is more comfortable and a healthy break from a horizontal mouse, too.”

LiveDigitally: “This product is designed for the desktop computer user who suffers from RSI, or is at risk for developing it. While a retail price of $74.95 is expensive for a corded optical mouse, niche products always carry a premium price. Just like “fat free,” “no salt,” or lately “no carbs” are more money than the “regular” variety at the supermarket. As a mouse, the product is solid, comfortable, and the included software fine tunes the controls to your needs.”

Hardware Central:“If you have average-sized or small hands and are feeling the pain of pointing and clicking, the VerticalMouse 2 is an ingeniously simple, smooth-performing, and natural-feeling alternative. We give it, almost literally, thumbs up.”

Product Information:

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Bottom Line: If you have the means (Can be found for around $60 online), the Evolent Vertical Mouse performs well and is a good choice for those looking for an ergonomic solution to wrist and hand discomfort.

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