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Review: Gyration Wireless Air Mouse and Keyboard


My search for a wireless mouse and keyboard began when I set up a new PC in my living room with Microsoft Vista on it. A living room can be a tough place to set this up, so first I threw a wireless G networking card into it for internet access. But the real problem became apparent immediately – what do I use for a mouse and keyboard? Wired devices weren’t going to work, so I looked at my local stores to see what was out there. I came upon the Gyration Wireless Keyboard and Optical Air Mouse, model GC1105CKM. It seemed to have everything I was looking for: wireless was RF, so no need for line of sight to the receiver; the mouse was gyro based as well as optical, so I can either use it in the air as I sit on the couch, or even use it optically on the couch itself; and finally, the keyboard is very small and can sit in my lap easily. An added bonus is that it came with rechargeable batteries for the mouse as well as a charging dock.

Kit Includes:

  • Gyration GO 2.4GHz Optical Air Mouse
  • 1 compact Cordless Keyboard
  • RF receiver with USB connector
  • Desktop charging cradle with AC power adapter
  • CD with GyroTools™ Media Control software for Windows®
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User’s Guide
  • 1 rechargeable NiMH battery pack

Full review of the individual parts and recommendation after the break.

Setup:Setup is about as simple as it can get. Just plug the RF receiver into a USB port, hit connect on the keyboard and mouse, and you are ready to go. It really is that simple. There is software included with the kit, but that is only needed to program custom keyboard and mouse buttons.

Gyro Mouse:

The functionality of the mouse is excellent. Using it as a gyro mouse you can either set it to only move the cursor when you pull the trigger, or set it to always move with the mouse. I liked the trigger. There are times when the cursor seems to wander just a bit, and if you just let go of the trigger it will stay where it was left. I found that made it much easier to click on what I wanted. I did find the buttons and scroll wheel just a little far away for me to use them easily, but that is a minor inconvenience. Your accuracy and speed of motion are good, but I don’t see this being used for a FPS. The light on the charging dock station emits a pleasant blue light, easy to see but not obnoxious.

Mini Keyboard:


The keyboard was one of my worries when I got this. I had read some user reviews on the shopping sites that had said they saw a lot of dropped letters and you could not type very fast because it wouldn’t pick up all your typing.

Maybe they had a bad keyboard, but while I am no touch typist, I can type as fast as I can and it picks up every letter. The small size may be tough for some because of the modified layout to keep it small, or the size itself, but I find the small size a greater asset than having it mimic the usual keyboard layout. The programmable keys for mail, internet, etc. are a nice addition. If you have no use for them, just ignore them.

Wireless Receiver:

I didn’t have Bluetooth installed in my PC and the line of sight issue with IR made it a non-starter, so the fact that this has an RF connection and a 30 foot range quickly made this interesting. I was a little concerned that the wireless access point that sits right next to the PC for my Xbox360 internet connection and the wireless card installed in the PC may interfere a bit with the RF sine they are all at 2.4 GHz, but I have found no evidence of that.


I would recommend this product to everyone as long as they are using it for what I would consider a non-critical application. As I said, I don’t think you would want to try it for playing a FPS, but anywhere you need a wireless keyboard and mouse and extreme speed and accuracy are not your primary goals, it performs at least as good, and probably much better than I expected. The trouble I had finding one points to either a lack of supply, or the fact that it is a very popular product. I checked three stores locally along with the company websites with no luck. I was only able to get it at NewEgg. Based on my experience, I think that it is just a very popular product because it performs as advertised and is the best solution I have seen so far.


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