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Review: The Apple Mighty Mouse

Apple's Mighty Mouse

Apple has finally relented and released a multibutton mouse complete with the Mac style we have all come to know and love. But is it really worth an extra $50?


Arstechnica: “When all is said and done, all of the the Apple PR on the Mighty Mouse product page is a bit much. As a poster in the Mac Ach succinctly observed, “this thing isn’t as revolutionary as one may think. It’s just nice to have an Apple mouse with a frickin’ scroll button and right click.”

MacWorld: “Until this mouse comes with new Macs—and Apple isn’t saying whether it will—you will pay for the privilege of using an Apple-designed mouse that is, well, still just a mouse—and not the most graceful one I’ve ever used. The Mighty Mouse’s $49 price seems a bit much for such a simple little item, but if this were a truly revolutionary mouse design, the price wouldn’t be an issue.”

CNET: “Like its namesake, the Apple Mighty Mouse packs a lot of ability into a small package. Though the design is decidedly simple, its four customizable buttons and 360-degree scroll ball are a joy to use. The $49 price tag is a bit expensive for a corded mouse, but if you’re an Apple Mac OS 10.4 Tiger user, you’ll appreciate the configurability. However, Windows users and Mac users who haven’t upgraded should stick with a more comfortable, less expensive mouse, such as the Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse.”

AppleInsider: “Overall, the Mighty Mouse is a pretty impressive gadget that you’ll most definitely want to try at some point. If Apple shrunk Mighty Mouse in size, even slightly, we’d call it a “must have.” Perhaps the greatest feature of the device (other than the scroll ball) is that it allows you to activate Expose or Dashboard without paying attention to positioning the mouse pointer on the screen or reaching for the keyboard.”

Product Information:

Click here for full list of featurs and specifications.

Pros: Scroll ball works well, works with Windows and Mac systems, attractive design

Cons: Price tag, squeeze buttons are less than stellar, no bluetooth

Bottom Line: I am going to agree wholeheartedly with the folks at arstechnica when I say that this mouse gets a Nerd Approval simply because it integrates a scrollbar and a right click (albeit 15 years late). While the performance isn’t fantastic in every respect and the design is certainly not as revolutionary as Apple wants you to think that it is – it is still a solid mouse. For die hard Mac users who want more functionality and are willing to pay for style – the Mighty Mouse is worth picking up. For everyone else, I would suggest looking into another product.


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