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Seagate Announces 1″, 12 GB ST1.3 Series HDD

Seagate has announced the ST1.3 Series HDD that has a capacity of 12GB contained in a 1 inch package. They plan on this being used in the next generation of mobile devices, specifically media players, audio players and cell phones. The key to the miniaturization is the use of perpendicular recording technology that has been discussed when they released their 2.5 inch 160GB HDD.

Beisde the miniaturization, they also have incorporated their RunOn technology. From their press release, “The drive incorporates Seagate RunOn technology, which enables the drive to automatically keep the read heads on track while the device is in motion. Consequently, the RunOn technology can increase the reliability – and customer satisfaction – of a handheld consumer electronics device.”

Another technology in use is described in their press release as well, “G-Force Protection, which protects the hard drive against shock by sensing when the system is in a free-fall situation, moving the heads off the platter, and turning the motor off – all within 3/10 of a second. “

Expect it to begin shipping in 3Q2006, no word on pricing yet. Read the whole press release here, if that is what you are into.

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