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The Chatman Talking USB Emoticon Tells It Like It Is

Chatman the talking USB emoticon (distantly related to Pac-Man) is a cute little guy that likes to throw in his two cents about conversations you might be having on any one of the major IM platforms. His eyes, ears, arms and mouth also animate while he speaks.

Chatman features three personality options with over 500 actions and over 25 customisable moods (users will also be able to customize chats or download ready-made versions). Plus, he will scold kids when they talk about subjects that are off limits. So, if you plan on having a 20 minute IM conversation bragging about how you are going to bang that hot chick in class, just know that Chatman might call your bluff and say you are a filthy liar. Well, he probably won’t do that—but it would be funny if he did. Either way, I wouldn’t talk about boobs. Save that for Pingo on Facebook. He’s cool with smut.

Pricing information has not been released, but expect Chatman to hit store shelves (in the UK at least) around Easter.



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