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Toshiba’s 200 GB Laptop HDD

You can continue to be amazed by the technology improvements, but Toshiba has a great new product. How about a 2.5″ – 200 GB HDD with only 2 platters? They are bringing it to market. And while it is not exactly a speed demon, 4200 RPM for that size and capacity is pretty impressive.

Key to the size breakthrough is the use of perpendicular recording technology. They can squeeze a lot more bits onto the drive when recorded perpendicularly instead of horizontally. And while I would normally think that 200 GB would be wasted on a laptop, with the explosion of video and audio files out there, you can run through that quickly. On a side note, with drives being made this small, desktops could take advantage of the size to make increasingly small footprint systems. Maybe not he highest end systems with an HDD running at 4200 RPM, but for a general purpose machine it could be fine.

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