USB Pole Dancer Redux: This Time The Focus is On Productivity


If you are familiar with the original USB pole dancer, you may rememember that early on it was yanked from store shelves because it was deemed disrespectful to women. While that may be true, it doesn’t mean that other companies are not trying to capitalize on the idea. In order to circumvent previous problems, the manufacturers of the version pictured above made two key upgrades.

First, the pole dancer has taken on a more stylized, cartoonish like appearance which I’m assuming makes it seem less controversial. Plus, they have added a productivity feature that could make it more acceptable in the workplace. The pole dancer performs as you type and it includes software that features a daily word count, your top five typing performances and a WPM testing function. So, you can always make the excuse that your tiny private dancer is actually helping you perform your job more efficiently.

Product Page ($22)


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