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Final Prize Pack Review: Kitchen Magician

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The final review in our six part Nerdy Mega Prize Pack series is the Kitchen Magician. In a nutshell, it’s supposed to be the Swiss Army Knife of kitchen utensils, but falls a bit short of that goal.

Here’s a breakdown of the 20 tools you can use, straight from the box description:

  • coffee filter
  • pepper shaker
  • sugar scoop
  • whisk
  • salt shaker
  • knife
  • roasting fork
  • basting brush
  • strainer/grater/spatula
  • masher
  • ladel/measuring cup
  • corkscrew
  • can opener
  • bottle opener
  • tongs
  • peeler

By my count, that’s only 19—unless you count the carrying case as a “tool.” At any rate, the Kitchen Magician is a jack of all trades, but master of none. Well, it’s halfway decent for the basic stuff, like spatulas, bottle openers and whatnot—but I can’t see you using add-ons like the salt and pepper shaker or the coffee filter unless you are in some sort of camping situation.

Plus, the vast majority of these tools have to be manually inserted into the handle, so in that sense it really doesn’t have much in common with a true Swiss Army Knife at all. Still, if you are out camping or cooking on the grill, it’s probably easier to transport this carrying case (although it is a bit bulky) than it would be to carry all of the necessary tools separately.

It won’t get the job done well in most cases, but at least it will get the job done. And at only $12, the Kitchen Magician is not going to break the bank. The good news however, is that you won’t have to spend a dime if you win the six prizes in our Nerdy Mega Prize Pack contest. And remember, today is the last day to enter so don’t hesitate. Full details are available on our contest page.

UPDATE: If you choose to enter by email, direct it at while we wait for recent upgrades to resolve with our mail server.

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